A boy and his mom on a mission for good…
12 year-old Jaden Winn and his mother, Amanda Winn, are setting out on a “voluntourism” adventure across the United States, where they’ll take Life Vest Inside’s vision of sharing meaningful and tangible acts of kindness and compassion out on the road for a whole year.

They will carry the powerful message of the Life Vest Inside mission within the communities of each city they visit and engage them in conversations and activities to inspire greater kindness and compassion in the world. Their intention is to encourage those they meet along their journey to join the #kindnessmovement and to help raise awareness and funding for Life Vest Inside.

Jaden will become Life Vest Inside’s first Kids’ Kindness Ambassador during this year-long US tour and he will speak to kids about what The Kindness Journey means to him personally and how kids can inspire meaningful change in the world.

Amanda is proud to officially step into the role as a Life Vest Inside Kindness Activist, where she will focus her social giving efforts in meeting with School Administrators, Teachers and Parent Activists about the value and benefits of the Life Vest Inside’s Kindness Curriculum and especially how participating in giving forward programs with her son has enriched their relationship.


(Dates Subject to Change)

  1. Missoula, Montana – October – CHECK!

  2. Boulder, Colorado – November – CHECK!

  3. Miami, Florida – December – CHECK!

  4. Santa Fe, New Mexico – CHECK!

  5. Austin, Texas – CHECK!

  6. New Orleans, Louisiana – CHECK!

  7. Atlanta, Georgia – CHECK!

  8. Chicago, Illinois – CHECK!

  9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – CHECK!

  10. Washington DC – CHECK!

  11. New York, New York –  #fuelingkindness


Support Amanda + Jaden Along the Journey

Private housing for the month of November in Boulder, Colorado and in Santa Fe, New Mexico for December 20th – January 20th

Show your support and donate to The Kindness Journey!

Provide Jaden with opportunities to participate in his favorite activities: dance, soccer, drumming, ultimate frisbee

Bring Jaden and Amanda to your school and be a part of the journey!

Follow Amanda and Jaden
Follow 12 year old Jaden and his mother, Amanda, on their 11 city US tour to promote kindness every step of the way!
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