The Kindness Journey is about empowerment

The Kindness Journey is about empowerment …

Life Vest Inside’s mission is a bold statement: to empower the world to engage in acts of love and kindness.

How do you empower others to express themselves through love and kindness?

By example. By doing. By showing up and paying attention. By giving where giving is needed.

That is what The Kindness Journey is all about. It’s a living, breathing example of how to inspire others to be kind and loving.

By showing how it’s done, others will get ideas of how they can help in their own big or small ways. And the message will spread. And the kindness will grow and thrive.

That’s how. Isn’t that Lovely?

Kindness Keeps the World Afloat

Inspiring talks Especially for Kids

Ideas Worth Spreading

Give Hope.  Get Hope.

Empowering Everyday
Humanitarians Worldwide

Promoting and Recognizing Philanthropy in Youth

Volunteer to change the world.

You’re never too small to
make a big difference.

Raise money for a loved one

Yes, please! Keep me in the Kindness Journey loop!
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