The Power of an 8-Year Old’s Intention!

Meet your blogger, Jaden Winn. As you can see in the picture above, Jaden’s 3rd grade assignment led him to declare at age 8 that he wanted to be a philanthropist when he grows up. The Kindness Journey is helping him get a headstart on that goal!

This is Jaden’s very first blog and he’s happy to have a guiding hand in copywriter, Katie Grant of Plume, to help him edit & craft his messages. This is his writing practice while he’s on the road and being home schooled. He hopes kids and adults alike enjoy what he has to share.

Jaden’s mom, Amanda, is keeping the Kindness Journey Facebook page alive with fresh updates every week. Please visit the page frequently for her take on traveling with her child, advocating for LVI’s kindness mission and to view their latest adventure photos.

“If you want to share the power of love and compassion …”
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