Do You Speak Kindness

As a copywriter, collaborating through brainstorming is my very favorite thing to do. I had the honor of brainstorming with Jaden Winn, the first Kids’ Kindness Ambassador and an astounding 12-year-old boy who knew at age eight that he wanted to be a philanthropist. Through a series of questions and drawing Jaden out over the phone, I had a white board full of gold.

I asked him what kindness meant to him and he said, and these are his very own words, that kindness is a whole other language. That you can speak it.

That beautiful thought led me to write the following poem. It is chock full of words that came straight out of Jaden’s mouth. It is a true collaboration. I may have written it but Jaden gave me the words to structure it with.

Thank you, Jaden, for your beautiful heart and kindness.
~Katie Grant

If you believe helping people helps the world
If reaching outside yourself makes you instantly happy
If you know that actions speak way louder than words
If you feel a calmness from doing good deeds
If you go out of your way to give
If you believe kindness is one big pool that refills itself
If you see the rippling effects of loving acts
If you feel a shift inside when you go out of your way for others
If you believe awareness is best built through actions
If you see being helpful as a privilege
If you like to make other people happy
If you can let love boomerang back to you
If you go where you’re needed
If being nice creates a sweet space in your heart
If you bring the happy with you
If you feel like life is a celebration
If you believe ALL good deeds deserve another
If you are on a mission for good
If you know that giving goes on and on and on
If you leave goodness in your wake
If happiness gives you strength
If you want to share the power of love and compassion
If you believe kindness is contagious

Then you speak kindness

                                                  Kindness is a whole other language.
I speak kindness! Keep me posted on the journey!
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