Why Kindness?

Kindness unifies us.

Because kindness is the only way we are ever going to learn how truly similar we are. And realizing how much we all have in common opens the door to compassion. And compassion unifies.

Kindness breaks down the barriers that all too often keep us apart. Kindness goes both ways equally – to the giver and the receiver. Kindness is good for your whole being and makes healthy, happy people, families and communities.

It’s time to take the focus off ourselves and look out to the world around us. Learning about others – their journeys, their take on things, their values, their challenges – creates a space in our experiences and conversations for compassion. And that compassion can lead to giving to one another in a way that makes a difference in our own lives.

Why a kindness journey?

Our actions make a difference.

Because action makes a difference.  Most of us talk about the things we’d like to do to make a difference, how we’d like to dedicate time for things that matter to us.  And then life happens.  The routine.  The commitments.  The list of shoulds that keep us from our dreams and desires and mostly from being connected to each other.

What if we put the status quo on hold?  What if we put the ‘should’ voices inside of us on mute?  What if we paused our preconceived ideas of what’s going to make a difference in our lives and those around us and asked a quiet, personal question, “What can I do to feel more connected and caring in my own life to myself, to my family and in my community?”

What if you spent time exploring the idea of focusing on being kind to yourself, to those you hold most dear and with people you didn’t know?  What might your life feel like then?

The Kindness Journey is a deeply personal exploration and an adventure in pursuit of the kindness boomerang and the rippling that being kind has to offer each of us in every moment.

Why now?

What better time than to expose a child in his formative, open and receptive years — to step outside their bubble of comfort to see what’s needed, what’s missing in others’ lives, firsthand? And to actually be in a position do something about it? Who better to do that with that your own parent?  Why not participate in being a part of the change you want to see in the world? Why not now?

Jaden and Amanda choose now to share an experience that goes beyond their own world-view and stretches out to the corners of their own country they’ve yet to see – or could see again through the eyes of a child. This idea sprung out of kindness for each other between and mother and a son. They are ready to spread that kindness all around – especially to you. Won’t you join them?

Having fun and making a difference along the way.
Kindness is pretty cool, huh?
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